Patient, Consumer Groups Push Biden on Surprise Bill Regulations


June 10, 2021 10:29 pm

More than 20 organizations are urging the administration to adhere to a core set of principles when drafting regulations to prevent patients from receiving costly “surprise” medical bills, POLITICO’s Rachel Roubein reports.

In a letter to three Biden cabinet secretaries, the groups said the administration should set rules that provide consumers with clear protections from unexpected charges and create a framework for mediating bills that also doesn’t lead to higher costs for patients.

The letter, signed by such groups as the American Heart Association, Epilepsy Foundation and American Lung Association, also includes a request for an education campaign to inform consumers of their legal protections.

— Late last year, Congress included a ban on “surprise” medical bills in its year-end package, but left the Biden administration to hammer out many of the details on how to ensure patients aren’t stuck with an unpayable tab. Health groups are racing to sway the agencies tasked with making the law work. The first set of regulations is due out by July 1.